Take inbound calls from home – Work review

Take inbound calls from home - Work review

The Inbound Calls from home work opportunity is like Freebie Trading on steroids!

Not only does it allow you to earn consistently, it allows you to keep most of what you make. Freebie trading is usually like 50 to 50 or 75 to 25 in favor of the person doing the offers.

With inbound calls, you are pocketing 100% of the income from the Freebie Network Site you are working on when someone you brought in completes offers.


No need to pay the person doing the offer because that person in turn, after doing the offers has the ability to do what you are doing. They have the ability to start earning full potential when they bring people on board too.

I love giving credit where it’s due and for the inbound calls, I believe it goes to Brent Miller for coining the “take inbound calls from home” phrase and actually thinking up a way of bringing this great income “supplimenter” or “replacer” to the masses. With just a phone, a computer and basic computer skills, anyone can now earn independently and self employ in this crazy job market. Freebie Trading alone cannot come close to the numbers that taking inbound calls from home for work does.

Enough said. The video covers in detail what this is all about. You can also Google freebie trading and see how it works then come back here and compare it to this system.


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